Buy Hgh humatrope18 iu online . For bodybuilding purposes the dosage of Humatrope is 4iu or may increase to 5iu daily for experienced athletes. The results of using Humatrope are not immediately visible, so the users should administer this injectable drug on a period starting with 3 weeks up to 4 months. Several side effects may occur after the use of Humatrope namely:

It is an injectable form of human growth hormone. And this supplement promotes the production of growth hormone from the pituitary gland and helps to improve the growth of the muscles and bones.Buy Hgh humatrope18 iu online

Side effects:
Like all other supplements HUMATROPE (18 IU) has some adverse effects which are breathing difficulties, face and lip swelling, joint pain, vomiting, rapid weight gain, headache, high blood sugar, heart palpitation, fatigue, nausea, allergic reaction etc.

(1) Treatment ;
a) When the epiphyseal line is closed or
b) When the annual growth rate is lower than + 2 cm according to the pretreatment rate, or
c) When the length reaches 155 cm in females and 165 cm in males, or


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